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Monday, October 1, 2012

Classical Conversations Family Presentation - Our First

I think  our Family Presentation well this morning!  I was a bit worried. I initially had something in mind along the lines of scene from Annie - Your Never Fully Dressed without a Smile (using my 5 yr old and 4 yr olds to sing and dance mind you). I envisioned the 4 of us standing up on the stage in our little raggedy outfits preforming this...

Ha, ha, ha. I am such a dramatic dreamer!! My kids are barely audible when they do presentations in their ABC 1 class. Bringing myself to reality, I decided on the 'Getting to know Us' theme. It went great. The kids each held up pictures as I described what their favorite things to do and go were. I paused and let them speak if they wanted to, if not I filled the silence. Super cute and I had several moms tell me it was fun and a great new idea for the group.

If you are looking for something for Family Presentation, first let me say skip the big theatrics and keep it simple. Second, open up about who you are if your CC group doesn’t really know you outside of meetings. The other families will love it and your kids will be more likely to open up and share if they are talking about something they love.

'Getting to know us' ideas: Share 8 x 10 pictures of the family and kids, or signs showing their favorite color, favorite toy, favorite outings, accomplishments, hobbies, etc. Have each child hold up a picture and encourage them to describe the photo (not taking too much time). Let me know how it goes!


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